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Attention: Author, Speaker, Coaches, Seminar Leaders, Online Marketers, Trainers, Practitioners, Advisors and Small Business Owners.

Thursday 27th October 2011 - Free MEETUP at 6:30pm
Pavillion End Public House - Bank/Mansion House/Liverpool Street. 23 Watling Street City of London EC4M 9BR, United Kingdom
Im delighted to invite you to this brand new meetup.
I've secured the presenter for this week and I'm really excited to tell you that Luke Adams, a leading Internet Monetization Specialist and Product Creation Expert has agreed to share with you the all important information that is essential to get on top of this industry"
Thursday 27th October 2011 - FREE MEETUP at 6:30pm
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Since Luke embarked on the internet adventure back in 2007, he and his team of elite Internet Specialists have given thousands of people from, London to New York, the knowledge and skills to be financially free, to take control of their lives and never have to worry about their future, ever again.

    • Are you excited by the prospect of making a regular income from online automation, but have no idea how to do it ?
    • Do you want to discover the simple system he uses daily to rake in thousands which can apply to your industry/niche?
    • Would you like to know how to leverage the internet for your business using the 2 x 5 x 10 hidden strategies? So you can simply set up, walk away and collect your profits at the end of the day?
    • How about getting the inside secrets on the 3 tier income accelerator ? If you've tried getting your business online before - the incredible money-making simplicity of this will blow you away.
    • What about unplugging Power Niche Secrets? Without this any business is dead in the water.
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    • Would it help if you knew the Free Marketing modes that can be used to bring in a ton of new customer?
You see in today's uncertain economy, the only way you can gain certainty about your financial future is to take control of your destiny, now.
With Luke's guidance you will learn how you can take your business online in your spare time, so you can continue your core activities until you master your new techniques.

Luke is the leading Internet Monetization Specialist,  who has a passion for helping others to generate an income by maximising powerful internet channels.  

With the world wide economy getting worse, it's essential to think of other income strategies.  The internet has 5 unbelievable mechanisms that you can and your businesses can leverage to earn money from today.  Are You making use of them?

Just by utilising one of those of systems, you can double, treble and even quadruple your income.

Get access to this phenomenal Meetup and take your business to the next level.
YOU will be shown by following a simple process you can earn serious wealth, like the experts. Luke will share the strategies that he and other top internet marketers have spent years developing and perfecting.
Imagine being able to leverage your time & money with a proven Monetization system...this is your way of taking control of your destiny, now.
Thursday 27th October 2011 - FREE MEETUP at 6:30pm
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Email marketing by Wooshka
You will learn how to take your business from Local, to National to Global.
  • You need Absolutely NO Previous Internet Knowledge to attend.
  • Work the strategies in your Spare Time – as little as 60 minutes per day!
  • Start now and harness the power of the internet
The meetup will be an intensive, information-rich event that reveals the secrets used by a team of top-flight Master Internet Guru's.

You may have been online for a while - but may not have managed to find the success you deserve.

Or you may want to discover more about taking your business online but don’t know where to start. It may seem overwhelming.

That's understandable. Without the right knowledge, the internet business can seem like an absolute minefield. But relax, Luke Adams and his team of elite Internet specialists have shown thousands of people like you how to change their business and transform their lives.

Luke uses his vast professional experience and massively successful sales and marketing knowledge to demystify the mechanics of making money online and shows you how to leverage its transforming potential into your daily life.

Discover Luke's incredibly powerful yet simple systems designed to make you a success online.

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